• Wed
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PMFather's Office 3229 Helms Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034

    We had so much fun in January - we're scheduling another!

    Let's celebrate SPRING! This is a no-hosted event so that means - buy a drink for yourself and in the spirit of the spring - buy a drink for a NEW friend too!

    No speakers, no agendas just drinks, eats and fun!


    We're going to raffle off a few cool things to the person that makes the most NEW friends during Happy Hour!!


    Please check map - big parking lot to the North on Venice Blvd. Some parking in the Helm's center. Drive Safely!

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmHoney 990 W 8th St Ste 600 Los Angeles, CA

    What's up JavaScripters?

    With two fantastic events so far this year, we are happy to keep the train rolling with another month of JavaScript sorcery. The March event will be hosted by Honey at their centrally located office in Downtown LA. This month, we are excited to welcome Loren Stewart with a fantastic talk titled, Query the Sh!t Out of Facebook's Graph API. Once we hit the rate limit, we will be hearing a talk from Gregor Martynus titled, Building Offline First Apps with Hoodie. As always we look forward to seeing everyone and learning how to keep our app running after Facebook invalidates our API keys.

    This month's js.la will be on Thursday, March 30th. This event is made possible with sponsorship from Signal Sciences and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The event will be in DTLA and hosted by Honey (map). Honey's office is just off the 110 on 8th and Francisco, about three blocks southwest of the 7th Street Metro Station. There is parking in building's garage for $15 as well as some parking lots in the area that can be as cheap as $5.

    Read on for more details and check out our previous talks on YouTube!

    Have an Idea for a Talk?
    We're always looking for new speakers! Visit contribute.js.la and fill out the new speaker form.

    js.la Slack Channel
    Join us on Slack, and discuss the latest JS news with fellow js.la members! If you have ever been to a Lunch.js event we just opened a #lunchjs channel to keep in touch with all our lunch buddies.

    Stay in Touch
    Keep up to date by visiting our website: js.la, following us on twitter, and joining our mailing list or group on Meetup.

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  • Mon
    6:30 pmCrescent Solutions; 6420 Wilshire Blvd Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA

    Summary: Domain Driven Design
    Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a software development technique for building complex applications. It puts a focus on the core application itself and the business domain.

    Using a set of practices and patterns, DDD helps promote modular and well written applications.

    In this presentation we will go over the following:

    • Why DDD?
    • When to use DDD?
    • When not to use DDD?

    We will also discuss the basic Terminologies - Domain, Sub Domains, Bounded Contexts, Ubiquitous Language, Domain Model, Entities vs Value types, Types of relationships between Bounded Contexts.

    About the Speaker:
    Abhi Jain is a senior software developer, technical speaker and interview skills coach. He likes to try latest technologies whenever he gets time and write about them. You can find his blog at: www.abhijainsblog.com. He is passionate about writing clean code and adhering to industry best practices. He regularly presents at local user groups and code camps.
    Connect with him on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhijain369/

    Crescent Solutions
    6420 Wilshire Blvd Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Parking is free in the front of the building. The first level of the parking garage becomes free after business hours. All the metered parking spots nearby open up at 7pm. There is also paid parking a few blocks away on Wilshire.

    There will be a $5.00 donation ($10 for recruiters) at the door to cover food and drinks.

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  • Sat
    8:00 am Pepperdine University 6100 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA

    SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies will meet for the SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles event on April 8th, 2017 at the Westside Conference Center Pepperdine University located at 6100 Center Drive , Los Angeles CA.

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  • Tue
    7:00 PM to 9:00 PMConSol Partners 1409a 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

    The detailed agenda is often posted here first: http://groups.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/20728

    Mark your calendars for our LA Drupal meetup: SECOND Tuesday of each month.

    The formal meetup begins and doors open around 7:00pm.Please don't arrive before 6:45pm.

    This event is free!

    No RSVP is required, but if you signup you will receive any last minute details, and have our undying gratitude for helping us know how many to expect in order to arrange adequate seating, food, drinks, and so on. So… please let us know you'll attend by clicking the RSVP button.

    We want your feedback!

    During the meetup, we'll be gathered in the #drupal-la IRC channel and all are welcome to join us. The event organizers will also be checking Twitter for feedback and questions that mention @ladrupal or use the #ladrupal hashtag.

    Parking: There are two garages within walking distance of ConSol's offices. One is on 4th Street between Santa Monica and Broadway, the other is also on 4th between Santa Monica and Arizona. The first 90 minutes are free, thereafter it costs $2 per additional hour. You may also be able to find other street parking in the area.


    Presentations: Advanced & Beginner topics covering User Experience, Development, Design, Performance & Scalability, and powerful Drupal site showcases.

    Lightning Talks

    We will also open the floor up for **lightning talks** related to our theme after the presentations, so comment below and/or come prepared if you'd like to give one!

    If you'd like to give a lightning talk, presentation, announce a job position or ask any questions of the group, please leave a comment below and plan to come a few minutes early. If presenting, be sure to bring your laptop (and power and display cables) and whatever else you need.

    Job announcements and open Q&A

    Everyone has a problem every now and then and the open Q&A session is a chance for attendees to divine answers from the collective wisdom of the group. This is also an opportunity for local businesses to make job announcements and ask for referrals and recommendations.

    Raffle! Prizes! Collect them all!

    We love our sponsors and often have several raffle prizes from our sponsors in the Los Angeles area and around the world. If you or your company would like to sponsor a raffle prize at the LA Drupal Meetups, please come early or contact the LA Drupal managers.

    Breakout Groups

    Time-depending, at the end of the evening we'll split up into groups (sometimes called BoFs, or birds of a feather) and each group can jump into a particular topic. The topics for these BoFs so far have ranged from high performance websites, Features-driven development, PCI compliance and general "getting started" discussions.

    Wrap up and Drupal After Dark

    Several of us may be going to a local restaurant or bar for a Drupal After Dark afterward. Leave a comment below if you have ideas of a possible bar or restaurant that is nearby.

    Looking Ahead

    If you have an idea for something you'd like to learn, post a comment below, or better yet suggest a presentation idea! ... and if you see a topic you'd like to present, post a comment or contact us!

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  • Wed
    6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Father's Office 3229 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

    Let's celebrate Summer Solstice! This is a no-hosted event so that means - buy a drink for yourself and in the spirit of the spring - buy a drink for a NEW friend too!

    No speakers, no agendas just drinks, eats and fun!




    Please check map - big parking lot to the North on Venice Blvd. Some parking in the Helm's center. Drive Safely!

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  • Tue
    6:30 PM to 10:00 PM TBD

    Effective Design Reviews: How To Give & Receive Meaningful, Actionable Design Feedback

    We all know what the typical design review process is like, but what we don’t all know is this process is often a waste of time. Too often we fail to achieve the goals of the review, have unproductive battles over personal opinion, and perhaps even leave in tears. Even the most experienced teams have these problems. We need to do better.

    In This Workshop, You Will Learn:

    •   Why traditional design reviews are often ineffective.
    •  How to give and receive effective feedback on a peer level.
    •  How to turn feedback based on personal opinion into something that is objective.
    •  How to handle vague, confusing feedback.
    •  How to shut down defending, redesigning, and debating.
    •  Why scenario-based reviews result in better feedback than feature or screen-based reviews.
    •  Why design review rules are a good idea (along with a sample set).
    •  Why positive feedback is important for effective reviews.
    •  How to manage up, so that your manager helps improve design review effectiveness.

    The workshop has several hands-on group- and team-based exercises, include a traditional design walkthrough, a scenario-based review, and a streamlined cognitive walkthrough.

    Speaker: Everett McKay 

    Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge, a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Everett's specialty is UX design training for software professionals who aren't experienced designers through onsite and virtual courses and workshops. He has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe (UK, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Turkey), Asia (India, China), South America (Argentina), and Africa (South Africa, Cameroon).

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  • Wed
    6:30 pmFather's Office 3229 Helms Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034

    Let's celebrate LA's version of Autumn! This is a no-hosted event so that means - buy a drink for yourself and in the spirit of the spring - buy a drink for a NEW friend too!

    No speakers, no agendas just drinks, eats and fun!




    Please check map - big parking lot to the North on Venice Blvd. Some parking in the Helm's center. Drive Safely!

    For more information; click here.