• Wed
    7:00 pm Symantec Corporation 900 Corporate Pointe , Culver City, CA

    Speaker: Eli Mezei

    Topic: Hacking Healthcare


    Eli Mezei is an Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators, where he manages analyst and client activities, including assessment work and some research initiatives. Prior to joining Independent Security Evaluators, Mr. Mezei managed risk and research operations for one of the largest commodity trading advisors in the world. Mr. Mezei is one of the organizers of IoT Village, the popular new hacking concept focused on connected devices, as well as an organizer of SOHOpelessly Broken, the first ever router hacking contest at esteemed security conference DEF CON. Mr. Mezei holds an M.S. from The Johns Hopkins University.


    In this session, we present findings from a long term security research study in healthcare, in which we discovered that adversaries can deploy cyber attacks that result in harm or fatality to patients. Over the course of 24 months, we inves- tigated 12 hospitals, 2 healthcare data facilities, 2 medical devices and host of supporting applications and technolo- gies. Our focus was to (a) determine the feasibility of attacks against patient health, (b) determine the contextual is- sues from both technical and business perspectives, and (c) articulate the solution.We discovered that the healthcare industry is pursuing the wrong security mission, with an almost exclusive focus on protecting patient data, yet almost no consideration of protecting patient health. We identified a number of security vulnerabilities which, if exploited, would result in patient harm or fatality. We also identified a very wide range of busi- ness and industry shortcomings, which lead to the introduction of such security vulnerabilities. Notably, we also pub- lished a blueprint, which is an actionable, step-by-step guide to help a healthcare organization of any size migrate to a more robust defense posture.This session provides a high level analysis of what we did, what we discovered, and what we recommend. The source study data can be found here: https://www.securityevaluators.com/hospitalhack/

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  • Thu
  • Tue
    7:00 pmDataScience, Inc 200 Corporate Pointe, Suite 200 Culver City, CA

    We are happy to announce the joint LAPHP/LAMySQL groups event. This time we have Colin Charles, the Chief Evangelist from Percona, talking about exciting new features in MySQL.

    NoSQL is about breaking out of the perceived inflexibility of SQL. It became extremely popular in 2009, but its quite clear that the MySQL world has caught up to many flexibilities available in various NoSQL solutions. It started with dynamic columns being implemented in MariaDB Server for a few years, but that implementation wasn’t complete; we saw Facebook push the limits with DocStore, a document database within their tree. But MySQL (and Percona Server) provides full document store in 5.7, with the ability to also query the database using a new mysqlsh so you can write queries in JavaScript as opposed to regular SQL. There are also improvements when it comes to schema management - for example, now you can do many changes in an online fashion with tools like pt-online-schema-change and Github’s gh-ost. In 2017, its become quite clear that MySQL is bridging the gap to popular NoSQL ideas.

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  • Wed
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PMFather's Office 3229 Helms Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034

    We had so much fun in January - we're scheduling another!

    Let's celebrate SPRING! This is a no-hosted event so that means - buy a drink for yourself and in the spirit of the spring - buy a drink for a NEW friend too!

    No speakers, no agendas just drinks, eats and fun!


    We're going to raffle off a few cool things to the person that makes the most NEW friends during Happy Hour!!


    Please check map - big parking lot to the North on Venice Blvd. Some parking in the Helm's center. Drive Safely!

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  • Tue
    6:30 PM to 10:00 PM TBD

    Effective Design Reviews: How To Give & Receive Meaningful, Actionable Design Feedback

    We all know what the typical design review process is like, but what we don’t all know is this process is often a waste of time. Too often we fail to achieve the goals of the review, have unproductive battles over personal opinion, and perhaps even leave in tears. Even the most experienced teams have these problems. We need to do better.

    In This Workshop, You Will Learn:

    •   Why traditional design reviews are often ineffective.
    •  How to give and receive effective feedback on a peer level.
    •  How to turn feedback based on personal opinion into something that is objective.
    •  How to handle vague, confusing feedback.
    •  How to shut down defending, redesigning, and debating.
    •  Why scenario-based reviews result in better feedback than feature or screen-based reviews.
    •  Why design review rules are a good idea (along with a sample set).
    •  Why positive feedback is important for effective reviews.
    •  How to manage up, so that your manager helps improve design review effectiveness.

    The workshop has several hands-on group- and team-based exercises, include a traditional design walkthrough, a scenario-based review, and a streamlined cognitive walkthrough.

    Speaker: Everett McKay 

    Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge, a user experience design training and consulting company for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Everett's specialty is UX design training for software professionals who aren't experienced designers through onsite and virtual courses and workshops. He has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe (UK, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Turkey), Asia (India, China), South America (Argentina), and Africa (South Africa, Cameroon).

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