Creating a Meangingful Internship Program, by Alex Tatiyants – Director of Software Development @ Zynx Health

Due to the crunch on technology talent (particularly with developers and engineers), companies have had to get creative to find great candidates. Even more so, it has become equally challenging to breed company loyalty in the new world of software engineers jumping from job-to-job every year or two. Zynx Health, an evidence based health care related SAAS company in...
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Q&A With Geoff Plitt, former Googler, Co-Founder of Laffster

Professional comedian/sketch comic Geoff Plitt is also known as a highly-talented engineer (Google alum) and entrepreneur. We interviewed him to get his insights on the technology and start-up scene in LA.

Fun Fact:  The Internet is the fastest-growing communications tool ever. It took radio broadcasters 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million, television 13...

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Q&A With Ricardo Bruno, CISO of Activesec

In the news, there is a seemingly endless flow of security breaches (Yahoo and LinkedIn being the most recent examples).  Despite being well publicized, major companies are not the only ones at risk. We asked our friend - and infosec expert - Ricardo Bruno, to share some tips and information on how business of all...
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Q&A With Joe Devon, Organizer of various Local Tech MeetUps

The tech meetup scene in LA has blown up, resulting in a thriving community of passionate users. Thanks to the tireless efforts of committed organizers, more specialized user groups continue to increase thought leadership of even the most obscure technologies. We’re bringing the exclusive insights from one such meetup giant, Joe Devon -  organizer/co-organizer of...
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Boot-Strapping the Semantic Web – by Chris Testa

We often mention our efforts to help build the technology community in LA. In fact, at a recent networking event organized by Q, we were excited to present a panel discussion on Semantic Web and Big Data. Considering the insights of the expert panelists, we thought we might share a bit of the knowledge with...
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An Introduction to Website Authentication – by Wayne Lee

Over the last several years, website login security has been one of the fiercest frontline battlegrounds between hackers and InfoSec professionals. Wayne Lee, who is at the forefront of Web Application Security, has years of experience defending large companies from hackers, ensuring a safe browsing experience for users. He brings his thoughts and expertise...
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What Shape Is Your Data? – By Rand Fitzpatrick

Regardless of the product that you are building, data collection and analysis is likely an increasingly important component. Rand Fitzpatrick, currently the Chief Product Officer at OkCupid Labs (which is the R&D offshoot of the company), has deep experience as a product innovator with a strong background and understanding of technology. Below are...
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An Answer to the Riddle – by Technology Leader, Erik Kellener

  • It has multiple paths and is critical to both small and large organizations.
  • It is embraced by nearly all employees, yet frequently ignored by businesses.
  • Its absence can block a company’s ability to grow, yet requires little investment to build and maintain.

Fun Fact: In 2012 there was a 12%...

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