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“The Cost of Interruptions” by Eric Wilson

Fun Fact: According to recent studies, interrupting your work to check your email can waste as much as 16 minutes. On many occasions I have found myself having to explain to those outside of the software engineering world why unplanned interruptions are so, well, disruptive. I have tried to describe the mode of being in the zone,...
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“Salesforce Pivot, from Saas to PaaS” by David Glettner

Since its inception, has become a widely used and powerful tool. We asked David Glettner to share his insight into how the platform fits in with other CRM and sales tools as well as provide a perspective into his experience of managing a large scale implementation. Salesforce Pivot, from Saas to PaaS By David Glettner is...
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“Using Unix Cron to Run Automated Tests” by Reynold Miguel

Reynold Miguel is a QA engineering leader with a strong focus on bringing automation to organizations. His deep technical knowledge and understanding of technology enables him to discuss more complex concepts, like using cron to setup automation, while maintaining a focus on the value and broader organizational importance of the technique.  Using Unix Cron to Run...
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“Is Feature Branching Evil?” by Jay Dorman, Director of Technology at Edgecast

Jay is a technology executive who runs application development and operations for a large team at Edgecast, a widely used and fast growing content delivery network based in LA. With broad responsibilities ranging from strategic decision making to hands-on management, Jay provides technical leadership and direction for his team. Jay shares his perspective on how...
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“The Innovation Sandwich” by Jim Connolly

Ensuring a culture of innovation as companies grow has become an increasingly important focus for executives. Jim Connolly, SVP of Technology at Zynx Health, provides insight into the unique challenge of building a company structure that breeds creativity and ideas. "The Innovation Sandwich", by Jim Connolly In many organizations there are processes in place to corral and...
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“Recap of 2013, What’s in Store for 2014?” by TeamQ

The entire Q team hopes that everybody’s year has started off with the same excitement as ours has! We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with so many passionate partners who have an incredible devotion to helping the tech community in LA thrive. Our team at Q is commonly asked about trends...
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“Accelerating the Growth of the SoCal Technology Eco-System” by John Shiple

John Shiple provides CTO level expertise to many LA based startups. We asked him to discuss some of the issues surrounding employee development, team building and talent in general. As discussed below, John is a strong proponent of training as a way to build high-functioning teams while also significantly strengthening the technology community...

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“Success Through Stupidity” by Ron Cohen

You're stupid. Admit it and you'll be smarter.

You've always been pretty sharp: Interesting career, created things, led teams, built systems, solved problems, closed deals, etc. You know a lot.

Why can't everyone else be as smart as you? Why does your system administrator nitpick instead of just configuring the firewall the way you said?...

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“Making Engineers Happier and Smarter at the Same Time!” By Chris Hanson

When Chris Hanson told us about the Perpetual Learning program at HauteLook – which institutionalizes the concept that engineers will be happier if they stay on the cutting edge by continuously adding to their skills and understanding – we thought it would be fantastic to share his insights with the community at large....

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JQuery Meetup at Q

Great to have all of the JQuery folks at our office for the meetup last week! jQuery

Thanks to Troy Miles (@therockncoder) for his presentation: Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile and to Natalie Maclees (@nataliemac) - who also happens to be the fantastic organizer of the group...

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“Big Data is Huge (No Pun Intended)!” By Rizwan Ali

Rizwan Ali is a Senior Data Warehouse Architect with deep experience in database design and big data. As data collection and analysis have become increasingly important to most technology organizations, we asked Rizwan to share some of his expertise. Below he discusses managing and customizing Cloudera Manager, in addition to providing a few tips...
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