Connecting People

Help talented professionals connect with each other and share best practices


Actively support the local tech/digital community through networking events

Socially Responsible

Giving back to those that are less fortunate and helping

Thought Leadership

Provide opportunities for our network to demonstrate their knowledge and experience to large audiences


Meet with everyone in person and help strategize for long-term career growth

We specialize in networking and building relationships within

Southern California to connect top talent to our clients in the Technology Industry.

Our Clients

  • Form long lasting partnerships with our clients, empowering businesses that range from startups to Fortune 100 companies
  • Provide the entire lifecycle of staffing needs from role definition to candidate
  • Share information about the availability and general compensation of specific skill sets within the talent market

Our Talent

  • All skill sets within the technology and digital umbrella, from junior-mid level engineers and product developers to architects to CIO/CPO/CTO's
  • Learn what matters to our candidates’ job search, including issues such as career growth potential, projects of interest, compensation, commute etc.

Our Community

  • Actively engage in the technology community throughout Southern California
  • Host and sponsor meetup groups, networking events and technology conferences
  • Work with business leaders and executives to serve the community at large